Master Kush Strain

Strain Description

Master Kush strain definitely comes with a fine pedigree coming from the mixture of two landrace strains of cannabis, which each come from different parts of the famous Hindu Kush region. Master Kush was bred by the Dutch company White Label Seed Company that’s located in Amsterdam.

This popular Indica strain is going to wow you with earthy citrus smells, just the smallest hint of incense. Many people describe the smell of Master Kush is the original, vintage, cannabis smell. If you have ever tried the world-famous Charas Hash, then you’d recognize the taste of dried Master Kush.

Regular users of Master Kush strain describe the high from smoking this popular cannabis strain as a ‘full-bodied’ relaxation without the stereotypical mind-numbing effect of many other popular Indica strains.

You’re going to get a sharpened sensory experience during your high, that can make any activity more fun and involved. If you enjoy a full-body high without the total brain drain of most Indica’s, then Master Kush strain is definitely one strain that you need to try for yourself.


Average Height

3 – 6ft

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