Mango Kush Strain

Strain Description

A deliciously sweet hybrid, Mango Kush strain origins are disputed; however, it is perhaps likely that it stems from the Hindu Kush and Mango Kush strains.

With its mouth-watering flavours and delicate aromas, Mango Kush strain is an ideal strain for sharing with close friends. Mango Kush is much fun as it tends to induce fits of laughter and bouts of talkativeness as its high begins to kick in.

The effects of Mango Kush strain are owed to its moderate THC levels which can range from 11-20%. These THC levels help people suffering from low-mood and other ailments, including anxiety.

Mango Kush strain is fairly easy to cultivate provided growers are committed to regular pruning and maintaining their plants as a means of promoting the flow of air and essential gases around the plants.

These plants flouring in a warm and sunny environment, so plenty of high-quality lighting is needed for indoor growing. After around nine weeks, the plants will flower, producing rather large buds—yields for indoor growth average 14 ounces per square metre. Outdoor growers can expect 16 ounces per plant.


Average Height

4 – 5ft

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