Maui Wowie Strain

Strain Description

From the idyllic islands of Hawaii, Maui Wowie strain is every bit as exotic as the paradise from which it hails. Its unmistakable sweet pineapple flavors are amongst the most memorable of any cannabis strain, and it lives up to its renowned parent strain – Hawaiin Sativa.

Amongst Maui Wowie’s most notable effects, is its ability to obliterate stress and lift one’s mood. These effects are owed to its TCH content which averages around 20%. Medicinal users also report that Maui Wowie strain offers significant pain relief and appetite-stimulation alongside its mood-boosting properties.

Growers of Maui Wowie strain need not have extensive experience as this strain of cannabis is somewhat easy to grow compared to others. Its resistance to diseases and pests are some of the main reasons why Maui Wowie is a good strain for beginners.

Maui Wowie plants grow best when conditions are Hawaiian-like, and care and attention are given to maintaining these plants. Reasonable indoor yields range from around 12-14 ounces per square meter.

Outdoor yields, on the other hand, average around 16 ounces per plant but this can rise substantially if nutrient-rich, volcanic soils are used.


Average Height

6 – 7ft

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