Gelato Strain

Strain Description

Gelato strain, also known as Larry Bird, is a deliciously decadent hybrid strain from famous producers Cookie Fam Genetics. Gelato is from the Bay Area, and when the buds bloom, you’re going to see some truly awesome dark purple and fiery orange trichomes and crystals combined with a shiny covering of white crystal resin.

If you’re new to cannabis, or particularly sensitive to high THC strains of cannabis, then it is advised to approach this powerful bud with extreme caution. Gelato is a potent strain of cannabis that is particularly THC dominant and will leave you lying down and wondering what you did wrong if you smoke too much of it.

Many cannabis connoisseurs consider Gelato strain to be one of the best dessert cannabis strains going round because of the sweet, floral taste that is combined with just the right amount of fruity deliciousness.

The Gelato Strain is definitely a fan favorite of anyone that’s chasing high-THC strains of cannabis and prefer sweet strains, it’s advised to approach Gelato with extreme caution!


Average Height

3 – 4ft

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