G13 Strain

Strain Description

G13 strain is one of the most popular and mysterious marijuana strains in history. Its origins are unclear, but its effect has always been unique, to say the least; until recently it was only grown from clones.

It’s now available as seeds for those looking for a longer harvest time with stronger plants that produce more unusual effects than all your other favorites combined!

G13 strain will give you just what you’re looking for: strong plants producing even better buds offering unheard-of levels of mystery–all without any guessing games about how things might turn out this season.

G13 strain grows best in cooler environments. This plant contains moderate levels of THC, averaging around 19%. However, the effects are stronger than the numbers suggest because some g13 flowers have been known to produce THC levels as high at 24%.


Average Height

3 – 4ft

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