Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Strain

Strain Description

Comical name aside, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is an extremely potent strain that boasts THC levels as high as 21%. It emerged as a hybrid of OG Kush and Durban Poison to form an Indica-Sativa hybrid.

Recreational smokers, vapers, and eaters can expect an intense but very pleasing high from Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, which will induce sensations of euphoria as well as the famous ‘couch lock’.

Like many strains of marijuana, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme can have some adverse effects, including dry mouth. However, adverse effects are relatively mild and are outweighed by the relaxing high this strain of weed brings to users.

Its high THC content makes it not only a favorite strain for recreational users but medicinal users also. People suffering from diminished appetite can almost certainly expect the munchies after taking Girl Scout Cookies Extreme while those suffering from depression, anxiety or the effects of chronic stress will also find a welcome relief.

It can be tricky to grow Girl Scout Cookies Extreme thus it is probably wise for inexperienced growers to look elsewhere for a strain. Experienced growers, however, can expect substantial yields provided they can provide optimal growing conditions.


Average Height

5 – 6ft

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