Blue Haze Strain

Strain Description

A previous winner of ‘High Times’ Cannabis Cup’, Blue Haze strain is an exquisite cannabis strain of prestigious lineage; its parent, Blueberry, was also a previous winner of the Cannabis Cup.

Delivering sensations of relaxation and mood elevation, Blue Haze is a popular Indica-dominant strain that offers THC concentrations ranging from 16.5% to 20%. However, negative or adverse effects of consumption can include intense feelings of paranoia which means that Blue Haze might not be the best choice of strain for those new to smoking, vaping, or eating cannabis.

Medicinal users seeking pain relief may also find greater satisfaction elsewhere as Blue Haze strain is not as effective as other strains in the alleviation of chronic pain.

Blue Haze presents numerous challenges for growers, and it is safe to say that first-time growers may struggle to grow Blue Haze successfully.

Blue Haze strain is particularly sensitive to changes in conditions, and it is thus recommended for growers who are experienced in maintaining an optimal environment for cannabis plants.

After around nine weeks is when Blue Haze strain tends to flower. Yields are substantial with competent indoor growers achieving around fourteen to twenty-two ounces per square meter, while outdoor cannabis farmers achieve around twenty ounces per plant.


Average Height

6 – 7ft

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