Blue Dream Strain

Strain Description

Blue Dream Strain is one of the most common and famous strains found across the United States. This sativa-dominant hybrid originally came from California and has risen to the top of the most competitive West Coast cannabis regions to be considered one of the greatest cannabis strains of all time.

It was originally created by joining Blueberry indica with Haze sativa to create a delicious and potent hybrid strain.

Blue Dream strain gives you a balanced full-body high that’s perfect for relaxing or mellowing out, while also giving users a subtle cerebral invigoration. It doesn’t matter if you have tried a hundred strains of cannabis or one, you’re going to love the level and balanced high that Blue Dream offers.

If you’re new to cannabis and looking for a way to ease yourself into a powerful, yet balanced strain of cannabis that smells and tastes delicious, then Blue Dream is a fantastic place to start.

A truly great strain for the cannabis cultivator!


Average Height

4- 5ft

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