Blueberry Strain

Strain Description

A previous winner of High Times magazine’s ‘Cannabis Cup’, Blueberry strain is a renowned strain of marijuana that possesses a distinctive visual appearance characterized by the subtle blue hints.

Blueberry is an Indica-dominant strain that possesses a moderate THC content, ranging from 14-19 %. Its 2% CBD content, however, is rather impressive when compared to other strains.

Whether one chooses to smoke, eat, or vape Blueberry strain, a pleasant experience is guaranteed. Blueberry induces a sensation of intense relaxation for its users but beware that it is also known to make its consumers somewhat drowsy.

It may be pleasing to some to know that Blueberry does not stimulate a sense of paranoia as some strains can, and this may make Blueberry a sensible choice for first-timers.

Medicinal users can benefit from the consumption of the Blueberry strain. Positive medicinal effects can include stress reduction and the alleviation of insomnia.

Growing Blueberry strain is tricky. Demanding a lot of space and an optimal growing environment, Blueberry is a strain suitable for experienced growers.

It grows best outdoors in a sunny, Mediterranean climate, but indoor growers can achieve a healthy yield provided optimal growing conditions are maintained. Competent growers can expect nine weeks until the plants begin the flower.


Average Height

4 – 5ft

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