Blue Cheese Strain

Strain Description

Blue Cheese strain originated in Europe when UK Cheese and Blueberry strains were hybridized. The resulting strain, which is comically known as Blue Cheese, is now a firm favorite of potheads around the world.

Like a pungent cheese, this strain of marijuana has an unmistakable aroma. Moreover, it carries tones of sweet blueberry, which enhances the uniqueness of its scent. The taste similarly resembles a strong cheese combined with sweet summer fruits that has a broad appeal in the cannabis world.

Blue Cheese strain consumption induces feelings of relaxation and happiness while minimizing drowsiness. For some users, Blue Cheese marijuana promotes cannabis-induced hunger known as ‘the munchies.’

Its ability to stimulate one’s appetite combined with its relaxing properties make Blue Cheese strain effective as a medicinal strain of marijuana as well as a good one for recreational consumers.

An easy strain to grow, Blue Cheese stands up well against problems such as mold. Furthermore, it can be grown in a slightly cooler environment which may make it a favorable choice in places with a more temperate climate, or for growers who are conscious about generating intense heat during the growing process.

Flowering usually takes place around nine weeks with indoor yields being a reasonable nineteen ounces per square meter.


Average Height

5 – 6ft

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