AK-47 Strain

Strain Description

Named after an automatic gun, which became synonymous with Communist uprising and violent revolution, AK-47 as a marijuana strain is much more pleasant and peaceful than its ballistic namesake.

AK-47 strain is a mixture of cannabis strains hailing from various parts of the world, namely South America, Thailand, Mexico, and Afghanistan. Specifically, it is an Indica-Sativa hybrid that forms a remarkably potent marijuana strain.

First developed in the Netherlands, AK-47 strain is an international blend enjoyed on all the world’s continents.

The effects of consuming AK-47 strain include euphoria, relaxation, and intense creativity. The sensation of paranoia caused by this weed is minimal. These traits combined make AK-47 a firm favorite of cannabis connoisseurs who enjoy the joyful creativity that this strain delivers.

When grown indoors, AK-47 strain usually flowers within nine weeks and sometimes as soon as seven weeks. Growers must be aware that this strain is prone to mold and excellent ventilation is perhaps the only way to avoid mold damage while careful management of the plant’s height is a must – AK-47 plants get rather tall!

Aside from these tricky traits, AK-47 strain is relatively easy to grow, and even beginners are likely to enjoy some success with this strain, which under optimal indoor conditions can yield fourteen ounces per plant.


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