Agent Orange Strain

Strain Description

Agent Orange strain bizarrely shares its name with the deforestation chemical used by the US military during the highly controversial Vietnam War. However, as a renowned cannabis strain, Agent Orange strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid breed that delivers an energizing, laughter-inducing high for recreational users.

With its origins in sunny California, Agent Orange is a popular strain of cannabis throughout the world as it grows well in soil and hydro. Flowering takes place after at least fifty-five days, but the process can take even longer – sixty-five days is not uncommon.

In optimal conditions, Agent Orange strain can take on a purple-hue, but the warm orange colors are far more common.

In terms of visual appearance, Agent Orange plants are characterized by bright green sticky flowers and vibrant orange pistils. Equally as distinctive as its appearance is its tangy citrus flavor which users note as tasting remarkably similar to oranges. Its aroma is similarly citrus-like with exceptional sharpness.

Cannabis users looking for a mood-lifting high or a pain-relieving experience should strongly consider Agent Orange strain as their strain of choice. Patient growers who can manage the height of plants well might enjoy growing a crop of Agent Orange.


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