Amnesia Haze Strain

Strain Description

Amnesia Haze is an exotic mixture of strains from around the world, which fuses Sativa breeds from Hawaii, Jamaica, and Cambodia with Afghani and South Asian Indica varieties.

As its name suggests, Amnesia Haze isn’t noted for its abilities to enhance cognitive performance. However, it is famed for the warm, psychedelic highs that are loved by its smokers and consumers who ought to consider Amnesia Haze the social smoker’s strain of choice.

Amnesia Haze possesses high levels of THC – a psychoactive ingredient present in marijuana that makes users high. With THC levels around an impressive 21%, this strain is adored by recreational users and medicinal users who favor Amnesia Haze for its pain-relieving properties.

Visually, Amnesia Haze is defined by its neon greens and warm orange pistils. However, it’s the aroma of the strain which is most appealing for many weed enthusiasts who note Amnesia Haze’s lemon fragrance as a distinctive characteristic.

Beginner growers might wish to steer clear of amnesia haze as it can be a tricky strain to cultivate. In the outdoors, Amnesia Haze needs a Mediterranean-style climate in places where pests are minimal.

Time taken to flower is an unimpressive nine weeks, however, where Amnesia Haze shines is in its high yield which stands at around twenty-one ounces per square meter of plants.


Average Height

6 – 7ft

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