Afghan Strain

Strain Description

Originating in the rugged terrains of the Hindu-Kush mountains in the mysterious nation of Afghanistan, this Indica variety of cannabis proliferates in all manner of conditions.

Particularly adept at growing in harsh, outdoor environments, the Afghan strain of cannabis is very resinous and is distinctive in appearance with its broad, dark green leaves, which are somewhat sticky with moisture compared to other strains.

Afghan strain delivers a powerful sedative effect enjoyed by both recreational and medicinal users. It is a popular strain with smokers all over the world due to its potency and ability to deliver intensely relaxing sensations to consumers.

While the taste and aroma of Afghan strain may not be as notable as other strains, its potency and unique effects when smoked make it a favorite among cannabis aficionados.

Usually, flowering takes place after around seven or eight weeks. However, this time may vary slightly depending on the growing conditions.

Most growers can expect a potent indoor yield of around sixteen ounces per square meter, although experienced growers might get a slightly higher yield.

Those growers considering processing their crop to produce hashish should consider Afghan seeds, particularly if outdoor growing is preferred.


Average Height

2 – 4 ft

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