Jack Herer Strain

Strain Description

An Indica-Sativa hybrid developed by Dutch cannabis experts Sensi Seeds, Jack Herer strain, was named after one of the marijuana legalization movement’s most prominent figures.

Jack Herer campaigned tirelessly for the US authorities to reconsider the illegality of cannabis paving the way for the more relaxed attitudes to the drug that North America enjoys today.

For those that like their weed to invigorate them, Jack Herer is a great choice. Many users feel that Jack Herer inspires their creativity and boosts their energy to produce art and partake in other hobbies. Also, Jack Herer can make users rather talkative, which makes it a great strain to be shared amongst close friends.

Medicinal users suffering from a range of ailments also enjoy Jack Herer’s ability to relieve symptoms of conditions, including PTSD and ADHD.

Complete beginners enjoy success growing Jack Herer strain hence the strain’s reputation as an easy-to-grow strain. Its resistance to disease and pests are two of its most laudable traits.

Those needing discretion, however, ought to consider another strain because Jack Herer plants can easily grow to over two meters in height. Indoor growers of Jack Herer strain may wish to invest in a hydroponics set-up to achieve the best possible results.


Average Height

6 – 7ft

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