Hindu Kush Strain

Strain Description

Breeders prize Hindu Kush for its thick and luscious coat of resin and sweet flavors. Hindu Kush strain was named after the region where it first originated, the Hindu Kush, a 500 mile stretch of dangerous land between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It was the harsh and often unpredictable climate of this region, which forged the strong and tough genetics of Hindu Kush.

The cold climate of the land where Hindu Kush originated forced this strain to develop a thick protective coat of trichomes. These thick and resin packed crystal trichomes are valued by breeders around the world for their high yield.

Hindu Kush strain has a very subtle yet sweet aroma that contains a mix of sandalwood and earthy. Most people that enjoy Hindu Kush relate the experience to one of calmness and relaxation.

One of the other reasons why Hindu Kush is so popular and made its way into our top ten positions is because of its thick coat of resin that makes a delicious and potent high yield hash.


Average Height

5 – 6ft

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