Cannatonic Strain

Strain Description

Cannatonic seeds are one of the few strains that offer both a powerful cerebral high and natural relief for various medical conditions. With equal doses of CBD to THC, it offers very effective relaxation properties – perfect for recreational users looking to escape their worries!

Cannatonic strain is a hybrid created by crossing the female MK Ultra and popular G13 Haze male. Its high CBD content (up to 12%) makes it great for those looking for medicinal effects without the psychoactive side-effects of THC, while its moderate THC levels provide an enjoyable psychedelic experience that can be customized from mild relaxation to intense euphoria with higher doses.

With this strain’s growing difficulty level, however, beginners should start out elsewhere unless they have plenty of time on their hands or are willing to learn as they go along!

Cannatonic strain is resistant to many pests, which makes growing indoors ideal since temperatures and other climatic conditions can be controlled. If grown outside, however, prune carefully in order to encourage airflow and prevent mold growth.


Average Height

3 – 4ft

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