Candy Kush Strain

Strain Description

Candy Cush strain (sometimes called Kandy Kush) fuses OG Kush, and Train Wreck strains to form a delightful Indica-Sativa mix which is truly Californian. The strain’s distinctive bright green leaves and violet hues give it a distinctive appearance.

Delivering a pleasant experience to users, Candy Kush stimulates feelings of happiness and relaxation. Certainly, Candy Kush is a favorite among recreational users, but medicinal users also praise the effects of Candy Kush, which is great at alleviating chronic stress and psychological disorders, including forms of depression.

The THC content in a healthy batch of Candy Kush strain sits comfortably in the 15%-21% range while its CBD content sits around 0.2%. Interestingly, Candy Kush is almost always a 50-50 mix of Indica and Sativa.

Growing Candy Kush strain is relatively hassle-free due to the strain’s robustness and its resistance to disease, mold, and mildew. Experienced growers can expect around 14 ounces per square meter when growing indoors under optimal conditions.

Outdoor growers, on the other hand, should aim for 18 ounces per plant. Candy Kush strain favors cool climates. For those where discretion is a consideration, Candy Kush is an ideal strain with plants that typically only grow as high as 3.5 feet.


Average Height

3 – 4ft

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