Bubble Gum Strain

Strain Description

Bubblegum cannabis seeds are a 50/50 mix of Indica and Sativa, making them perfect for people who want an even balance. The feminized plant is famous for its sweet smell and powerful high that’s great to enjoy during the day or night. It contains a medium level of CBD with 17% THC – enough to make you forget about your worries! And it tastes just like bubble gum too!

Bubblegum Strain is a high-yielding strain that can be planted indoors or outdoors. It grows best in an average climate and flourish to produce maximum yields.

Growers can expect at least 16 ounces from their bubble gum cannabis plants and it takes 8-9 weeks for this strain to completely flower before harvesting is possible.

Growing Bubblegum strain outdoors is a labor of love. The environment needs to be optimized for its dry, warm climate and the strain thrives in plenty of sunshine. Your crop should mature sometime between mid-October and late October before they’re ready for harvesting; you can expect about 14 ounces per plant.


Average Height

4 – 5ft

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