Bubba Kush Strain

Strain Description

Originating in the warmth of California, USA, it is believed that Bubba Kush strain owes some of its lineages to America’s deep south, namely Louisiana. Rumour has it that OG Kush was crossed with an Indica-strain from New Orleans to create Bubba Kush which has since grown into a much-loved cannabis strain renowned by potheads and growers around the world.

The most notable effect of Bubba Kush is the deep sense of relaxation it induces in its consumers. The infamous ‘couch lock’ has become synonymous with certain strains of marijuana, and Bubba Kush is one of them. Although it is a motivation-killer, it is excellent as a stress reliever and is effective in the treatment of various ailments, including insomnia and restlessness.

Growing Bubba Kush is relatively easy, and it can be cultivated outdoors or in an indoor growing environment. In either outdoor or indoor settings, Bubba Kush is robust and resistant to molds and mildews, which can endanger cannabis crop harvests.

Bubba Kush yields are not particularly impressive. Indoor harvests usually achieve around 15 ounces per square meter while outdoor harvests fetch approximately 20 ounces per plant. Of course, yields can be much higher or lower depending on conditions.


Average Height

3 – 4ft

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