Black Widow Strain

Strain Description

Black Widow strain, as a cannabis strain, shares its name with a deadly arachnid which is synonymous with cold-hearted predatory behavior. The cannabis strain, however, is considerably safer than its eight-legged namesake, and it is enjoyed by passionate cannabis enthusiasts seasoned pot smokers the world over.

A Sativa-dominant cannabis strain, Black Widow strain is highly potent, and its consumption should only be undertaken by those accustomed to smoking, vaping, or eating weed – newbies need not apply! Black Widow strain potency is owed to its extremely high THC concentration which can be as high as 28%.

Black Widow strain properties cause users to feel extremely relaxed and happy. However, it doesn’t enhance concentration particularly well, and it can diminish one’s motivation, so Black Widow is best avoided by those with a long to-do list filled with essential items.

Would-be growers will be pleased to know the Black Widow Strain of cannabis is relatively easy to grow. The ease of growth is owed to the plant’s toughness and its resistance to pests, mold, and mildew, which can be problematic for cannabis cultivators.

Managing the height of the black widow strain plants is easier for indoor growers as it usually only grows to around three feet high, however, outdoor growers need to cautious of its potential to grow to six feet high or more.


Average Height

6 – 7ft

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