Big Bud Strain

Strain Description

Big Bud strain, as an Indica dominant hybrid strain, delivers cerebral highs to make users feel a sense of elation. However, it is not a strain that should be consumed by those on a busy schedule as its tendency to bring out the laziness in people is one of its most notable characteristics.

Sleepiness and intense hunger (dubbed ‘the munchies’) are among the effects of smoking, vaping or eating Big Bud strain.

For medicinal users, Big Bud strain may be useful in reducing feelings of anxiety in those suffering from conditions such as Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GSD). Sufferers of chronic pain may find a reprieve during a Big Bud high which relaxes muscles and bodily tension.

Cannabis connoisseurs enjoy the spicy flavor of Big Bud and its sweet, fruity aroma which lingers in one’s nostrils.

Growing Big Bud strain can be done outdoors or indoors, although indoor growers ought to implement hydroponic systems. Be mindful that these plants can grow to around five feet tall, so if discretion is a consideration, Big Bud may not be the best option for you.

After seven weeks, one can expect Big Bud to flower with a yield of around 12-20 ounces per square meter of plants.


Average Height

4 – 5ft

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