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Many growers will have already heard and know about some of the fantastic grow products BioBizz produce but for those that don’t BioBizz is a well established name within the growing community, especially for many UK growers.

Two of their best rated and most popular products are their BioBizz All-Mix Soil and BioBizz Light-Mix soil.

BioBizz soil includes everything your plants require from seed to harvest. Their All-Mix is a fantastic all round potting mix that features ingredients such as worm humus, perlite, sphagnum peat moss, garden peat and BioBizz very own pre-mix recipe.

It’s a great heavily fertilized mixture that provides a full micro-active ecosystem. Nutrient filled to provide a rich soil ideal for long term plant health and full lush growth.

BioBizz Light-Mix Soil is just as, if not more popular amongst growers than their All-Mix soil and is the ideal mix for young seedlings and to develop rapid root growth for organic growers.

Containing only natural organic elements, Light-Mix is very highly rated and recommended for beginners and more experienced growers alike.

Available in the United Kingdom and the United States, alongside being competitively priced, most cultivators should have no problem sourcing BioBizz Soil for their next grow.

With a host of beneficial ingredients BioBizz Light-Mix has been specifically formulated to encourage vigorous growth in, seedlings, cuttings, and young plants. It’s 100% certified for organic use and features the very best sourced Baltic peat.

All in all, BioBizz Soil is another contender in our list of cannabis soil.

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