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When it comes to cannabis soil, there’s not many growers that haven’t heard of Big Rootz soil or it’s creator “The Soil King”.

With a considerable online following, the self proclaimed Soil King claims Big Rootz potting soil is built by growers for growers. It’s hard to dispute this claim having looked deeper into the considerable ingredients list Big Rootz soil mix features compared to other competitors in the market.

Their ingredient list, lists pre-washed coco-coir, peat, and compost as their base materials alongside worm castings, pumice, seabird guano, langbeinite, amongst many others.

If you plan to utilize Big Rootz in your soil recipe, then just like Royal Gold soil, it’s likely that you’ll need to supplement your cannabis plants during the flowering phase.

Another plus for Big Rootz soil is that it’s tested pesticide free and non-GMO alongside being certified green by the CGC.

All in all, Big Rootz soil is an easy to use soil amendment that’s ideal for indoors, outdoors, in greenhouses and as a soil builder to your existing soil mix. Available from big online retailers as well as The Soil King website, most growers should have no problem sourcing Big Rootz Soil for their next grow.

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