Zkittlez Strain

Strain Description

Zkittlez strain is a hybrid of Grape Ape and the citrusy Grapefruit. It produces beautiful, bright colors such as green, purple, or orange that are almost always indicative of an Indica-dominant strain like this one.

Although it’s mostly in the Indica category for its effects on your moods and body buzzes, Zkittlez strain also has some cerebral qualities to it which allow you to keep nice company with yourself while still enjoying other things too!

Zkittlez strain is a compact and bushy Indica-dominant hybrid that thrives both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, their small size works well with Sea of Green (SOG) setups while being easy to train due to the branches having an easier time bending in order for them not to be broken or damaged from too much weight pulling on it; this makes Zkittlez perfect for beginners looking at starting out as they’re beginner-friendly!

They also happen to have fairly good mold/mildew resistance which is great news if you live somewhere humid because then these guys will never suffer from those nasty pests even when conditions get really humid.


Average Height

3 – 4ft

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