Zippo Lighter

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Written By Roy Stevens


Build quality, as with all Zippo lighters is excellent. You can rest easy that any lighter from Zippo will very rarely let you down. On the odd occasion you may encounter a faulty unit, worry not. As if it doesn’t work as it should, Zippo will fix for free!

Windproof with an all-metal construction, the Zippo lighter really is a fantastic little addition to anyone’s weed stash box kit.

Priced reasonably well, with the option of a multitude of front-facing designs to make your Zippo lighter stand out amongst the crowd, you can see why many smokers favor the Zippo over other brands.

The only downside we can see is that the Zippo premium lighter fluid is sold separately. Of course, this isn’t a major issue, as it can be found online or in most local stores.

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