xGarden Vermiculite

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The xGarden Vermiculite is an exceptional and versatile vermiculite that has recently been garnering rave reviews.

Coming in an 8-quart bag, weighing just over one kilogram contains 32 cupfuls of high quality, premium-grade vermiculite perfect for helping growers create an optimal growing environment.

This particular gradient of vermiculite from xGarden is extra chunky, which means that it can retain more water than other finer, smaller grades of vermiculite.

Non-toxic, pH neutral, and sterile, vermiculite is incredibly easy to use and acts as an excellent pH buffer which helps soil maintain a consistent and constant pH level.

Vermiculite also adds two extra benefits; the first is that it helps get rid of the toxins within the soil or growing media that may occur and the second is that vermiculite also adds potassium, magnesium, and silica to soil mixes, thereby making the growing environment more nutrient-dense.

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