White Skunk Strain

Strain Description

If you’re a fan of Indica dominant hybrids, then White Skunk Strain could be the perfect cannabis strain for you! It’s rare to find such a well-balanced cannabis strain, but the team at Sensi Seeds’ White Label has done an awesome job with White Skunk.

You’re going to experience a sour but skunky flavor profile, which is typical of most skunk strains of cannabis. The high you’re going to get from White Skunk is a well-balanced head and body high, which combines to give you a relaxing body and head high state.

If you’re a beginner grower or looking to branch out, then White Skunk strain is a great strain to start with as the plants itself are hardy, easy to grow, fast-growing, and produces a high yield of delicious and potent buds with an extremely short flowering cycle.

It’s this reason that White Skunk joins our list of the top cannabis strains in the United States. White Skunk strain is definitely one strain that you should be keeping an eye on in the future!


Average Height

3 – 7ft

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