White Rhino Strain

Strain Description

A pure Indica strain hailing from numerous contents, White Rhino strain is a sought-after strain that is fortunately not as rare or endangered as its namesake.

Originally bred by Green House Company in the Netherlands, White Rhino strain fuses the very best of White Widow, and North American Indica strains to form a unique strain that offers moderately high THC and CBD levels.

White Rhino strain induces sensations of euphoria and intense relaxation. Some liken its effects to tranquilizers; thus, it is not a strain for those seeking an energy or motivation boost. However, medicinal users love it for its insomnia-busting qualities.

If you struggle to sleep, White Rhino strain can be a welcome remedy to help you catch some slumber.

White Rhino’s simplicity and easy-going nature make it a popular strain among growers of all skill and experience levels. Yields are usually very generous with indoor growers achieving an impressive 32 ounces per square meter in some instances.

Outdoor growers, who should seek damper environments, can expect 42 ounces per plant. Generous yields and an unfussy nature make White Rhino strain a great choice for all Indica fans.


Average Height

3 – 4ft

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