What Is THC Syrup

& How Do You Make It?

THC syrup is a cannabis edible that is derived from infusing cannabis with a syrup, the result is a sweet tasting liquid edible that will be highly potent and highly versatile, allowing for discreet usage.

What Is THC Syrup
Chapter 1

How To Make THC Syrup?


First you must ensure you have decarbed your cannabis, this is the process of turning THCA into THC by heating the THCA molecules present in the cannabis, this process normally happens when cannabis is consumed via smoking, but when using edibles it is important to decarboxylate your cannabis prior to it use to ensure maximum potency.

How To Make THC Syrup?

Decarboxylation can be achieved using oxidation, light or most commonly by using heat, the most simple way to decarb your cannabis before creating edibles is by finely grinding up the flower of the cannabis plant and heating it in the oven at 220F for 30-40 minutes at which point your cannabis is then ready to be used with edibles.

Infusing Cannabis & Syrup

To make THC Syrup from scratch you will need a few ingredients:

  • Water 3 cups
  • Sugar 3 cups
  • Vegetable glycerine 2 tbsp
  • Decarboxylated weed

First you must mix your water and sugar and bring to the boil over medium heat, once the water is boiling reduce heat to low and stir continuously until all the sugar has dissolved.

Once the sugar has fully dissolved you can add your decarboxylated cannabis to the syrup mixture, cooking for 30 to 40 minutes on low heat, the final ingredient to add is the vegetable glycerine, this will act as an emulsifying agent and also bind to the THC.

The next step is to let the syrup cool completely and you have successfully made THC Syrup, for those who prefer a more potent product it is best to leave the syrup unstrained, but for those who want a better textured THC Syrup you must strain the syrup through a cheesecloth and strainer to remove any unwanted plant matter.

Flavorings such as vanilla can be added to the mixture during the first step for those wanting to experiment with the taste of their THC syrup, but it is important to note that you must strain out your THC syrup so you have no plant matter left in the final result.

How To Use THC Syrup

THC syrup has multiple uses, it can be used as a stand alone THC edible or it can be added to food and drink.

Below is a list of ways THC syrup can be used:

  • On pancakes, drizzled over the top.
  • As a sweetener for carbonated water
  • As a sweetener for coffee and tea
  • Add a few drops of syrup under the tongue

THC Syrup Dosage

The dosage of your THC syrup will be highly dependent on the quality of cannabis or concentrate you use, it is important to remember to start low if you have never used cannabis edibles before as the effects can be much stronger than when consumed via smoking and can last 4+ hours.

Below is an example of how you would work out the dosage of cannabis to be used in your THC syrup:

If your cannabis has a THC level of 10%, 1 gram of cannabis is also 1000mg, so 10% of 1000mg is 100mg, this means 1G of cannabis will contain 100mg of THC, let’s say you make a 200ml batch of syrup, and you want each ml of syrup to contain 1 mg of THC, you would need 2g of cannabis which would work out at 200mg of THC that is if the THC level of the cannabis was 10%.

How to store THC Syrup

THC syrup can be stored in an airtight container for up to a few months; it is important to store the cannabis syrup in the refrigerator to ensure the product does not spoil.


THC syrup is simple to make, great tasting and can last refrigerated for up to 2 months, making this edible a staple in many cannabis enthusiasts’ households.

THC syrup is also highly potent and a quick acting edible so we must insist on a cautious approach for first time edible users, as you can also take more but if you take too much and experience negative side effects you’re in it for the long haul(until the high comes down).

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