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There are numerous models of scales for weed that are equipped with varying features and different price tags. The best scale for weed is easy to spot once you’re familiar with your requirements and personal budget. Lightweight and portable scales are perfect for weighing weed for personal use. However, if you deal in large quantities, an inaccuracy could cost you a lot of money.

Weed Scales
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How to Find the Best Scale for Weed

If you’re buying a digital weed scale for personal use, you need to ensure that it’s lightweight and portable. If your business is in marijuana, you will need a precise and sophisticated scale.

How to Find the Best Scale for Weed

Here are some features that you should consider;

Weed Scale Functionality

Although most of our readers will use their weed scales for weighing weed, other people use their scales for measuring food. Jewellers also use these scales for measuring diamonds.

As long as they’re within your scales’ weight and size limit, you can weigh anything, including weed!

Weed Scale Usage

You need to be aware of the various metrics before you purchase your new weed scale. Most digital scales for weed have the following measurements;

  • Gram (g)
  • Ounce (oz)
  • Diamond weight total (dwt)
  • Troy ounces (ozt)

For weighing cannabis, you’ll need to use the gram or ounce metric for measurement.

Weed Scale Portability

Are you weighing at home or on-the-go? Where will your marijuana scales be used? These should both be deciding factors when you decide which is the best pocket scale for weed.

Alternatively, you may choose to go for a heavy-duty weed scale for large quantities.

Precision of Your Weed Scales

As discussed under the “Functionality” header, you will need to decide your measurement precision based on how you’d like to use your weed scales.

Some digital weed scales are able to measure down to a tenth of a gram, while others are more precise and measure to one-hundredth of a gram.

Scales & Weight Limits

Some portable weed scales can only measure small amounts like 20g while others can measure up to 500g.

If you need to weigh large batches, small weed scales won’t have the capacity to complete the job.

Weed Scale Features

Various weed scales will have different functions. These functions can include the tare button.

The tare button means that you can use a piece of rolling paper or a tray in the scale, hit the tare button, and it will zero out even with the tray or paper to accurately measure your weed.

Weed scales will also allow you to switch between measurements to perform quick conversions.


It’s important to check that your scales have been certified from the National Type Evaluation Program if you want to use it for commercial use.

NTEP has a responsibility to check that their scales follow specifications with regards to their capacity, accuracy and how the scales react to changes of temperature.

Weed Scale Apps

We’re regularly e-mailed with this FAQ- “What’s the best weed scale for android?”

Digital weed scale apps depend on the accelerometer of your Android. Each digital scale app is developed differently, therefore the correct way of using it is different for each app.

The current digital weed scale apps that are available for android still need development and have limitations, therefore it’s difficult for us to recommend an app to our readers.

However, digital weed scale apps can be useful if you’re content with a rough estimate of how heavy your weed is. If you’re looking for precise measurement, it’s recommended that you invest in a digital scale.


As with every other substance, measuring cannabis in the right way is essential for the success of a cannabis-related business. Cannabis-related businesses and home growers need to invest in a reliable and accurate scale that fits their needs. With the right features, capacity, and accuracy, a scale for weighing cannabis will provide accurate and consistent measurements that will help businesses succeed and individuals achieve the desired effects.

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