Weed Measurements

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Whether you’re new to the world of cannabis or not – the question remains: Do you know your weed measurements, and also how many grams in an ounce of weed?

The answer to the last question is simple – 28-grams. However, it’s everything within this seemingly straightforward question that drove us to help you understand what makes an ounce, the standard weed measurements in between, and so much more.

Join us as we discover everything from a single gram to 28-grams of cannabis. Are you ready?

Weed Measurements
Chapter 1

Why it’s Important to Know Weed Measurements?

You may wonder why it’s relevant to know about weed measurements? The answer is simply for your own benefit – especially when you’re ready to make a purchase at a local marijuana dispensary. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a recreational or medical marijuana dispensary completely clueless.

Why it’s Important to Know Weed Measurements?

Educating yourself about weed measurements before you go will empower you with information that will allow you to make the best decision depending on your needs.

As you’ll understand later, each of us consumes varying amounts of cannabis within a day, week, month, or year.

Knowing your consumption rate will streamline the process of buying the right amount of cannabis – whether it’s a single gram, an eighth, a quarter, a half-ounce, or a full ounce.

The only reason we won’t get too deep into larger weed measurements is because of local laws throughout the USA – which stipulates that consumers are only allowed an ounce at a time.

Regardless, knowing weed measurements or even something as simple as how many grams are in an ounce is critical to making a choice.

A Comprehensive List of Weed Measurements

Without further ado, here is a comprehensive list of cannabis measurements.

  • Single Gram ⇒ 1g
  • Eighth ⇒ 3.5g
  • Quarter ⇒ 7g
  • Half Ounce ⇒ 14g
  • Ounce ⇒ 28g
  • Quarter Pound ⇒ 113g or 4 ounces
  • Half Pound ⇒ 226g or 8 ounces
  • Full Pound ⇒ 453g or 16 ounces

Voila! Now, you can easily view this chart if you’re ever confused about weed measurements.

Remember, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever come into contact with over a quarter pound of cannabis – unless you cultivate your own cannabis strains, something like the deliciously trichome-covered Wedding Cake Strain!

Let’s now take a look at corresponding prices with each of these weed amounts.

How Much Does Weed Cost?

  1. Weight 1-gram Low Grade $5.00 – 8.00 Medium Grade $10.00 – 15.00 High Grade $20.00 – 30.00
  2. Weight ⇒ 3.5-grams ⇒ Low Grade ⇒ $20.00 – 25.00 ⇒ Medium Grade ⇒ $30.00 – 40.00 ⇒ High Grade ⇒ $45.00 – 60.00
  3. Weight ⇒ 7-grams ⇒ Low Grade ⇒ $45.00 – 50.00 ⇒ Medium Grade ⇒ $55.00 – 70.00 ⇒ High Grade ⇒ $80.00 – 100.00
  4. Weight ⇒ 14-grams ⇒ Low Grade ⇒ $70.00 – 80.00 ⇒ Medium Grade ⇒ $100.00 – 130.00 ⇒ High Grade ⇒ $150.00 – 200.00
  5. Weight ⇒ 28-grams ⇒ Low Grade ⇒ $100.00 – 125.00 ⇒ Medium Grade ⇒ $200.00 – 280.00 ⇒ High Grade ⇒ $320.00 – 400.00

As you can clearly see, prices increase as the quality rises. In most cases, you can realize a significant discount when it comes to lower quality grades of cannabis – especially the more you purchase.

When it comes to top-shelf cannabis, it typically doesn’t matter if you purchase an eighth of an ounce or a full ounce – the price breakdown will remain the same.

The price of cannabis also fluctuates depending on location. In general, states that have recreational cannabis are far higher than those that only allow medicinal marijuana.

The reason behind this phenomenon is the fact that recreational states tax the cannabis industry.

For example, California currently has the highest tax rate for cannabis, and this translates into higher prices for the consumer.

Come January 1st, 2020 – California will impose a 15% excise tax on all recreational cannabis products. This is a significant increase – which affects the end-user, cultivator, and retailer.

Alternatively, states that do not allow recreational or medicinal cannabis charge exorbitant prices for illicit marijuana products.

So, depending on which state you reside in – you may be paying far more for marijuana than other states.

Chapter 2

Is Buying a Single Gram Really Worth it?

Now that you understand basic weed measurements and the breakdown of cannabis prices let’s talk about buying a single gram. A single gram of weed can be consumed in a single session and also spread out over the course of a week. It all depends on your consumption rate.

Is Buying a Single Gram Really Worth it?

Do you smoke cannabis with friends or solo? Do you use a small glass pipe or a 4-foot bong? Is your THC tolerance sky-high or lightweight? How much can your weed grinder hold?

These are all the questions you need to ask yourself before you spring for a single gram of cannabis.

Remember, there are 28-grams of weed in an ounce of cannabis – so if you smoke a gram per day, you’ll have smoked an ounce within a month’s time. If this is you, then you’re better off investing in a full ounce.

However, not all of us have the capital to grab an ounce of weed at the local dispensary. Aside from financial issues, do you really want to smoke the same strain of cannabis for a month?

Many of us enjoy variety when we indulge in cannabis. The intricate flavor profiles and varying effects are what make the experience so enjoyable – so it only makes sense that we want variety in our smoke sessions.

Unless you’ve found the perfect strain for you – it’s best to mix and match grams to get the best effects without getting bored of a single strain. It’s because of this reason that single grams are excellent choices.

However, buying single grams adds up in the long run – which is why our next section is so important.

Chapter 3

Why Eighths of an Ounce are so Popular?

Ask any dispensary owner: what amount of cannabis do people buy the most? The answer: Eighths. For one reason or another, 3.5-grams of cannabis is the preferred amount for beginners and connoisseurs alike. The reason why an eighth of an ounce is so popular is that they are never dull. It lasts long enough to allow you to enjoy the intricacies of the strain.

Why Eighths of an Ounce are so Popular?

Simultaneously, 3.5-grams won’t overstay its welcome – which means you’ll finish it in time to pick up a new and exciting strain to keep your palate entertained.

Another reason why eighths of an ounce are such a popular weed measure is the fact that they are affordable. Coming in at $20.00 – 60.00, depending on the quality, most people can afford it.

While some of us can spring $400.00 on a full ounce of weed, the vast majority prefer spending within $80.00.

Furthermore, eighths are no longer traditional eighths. The new eighth of an ounce weighs 4-grams.

Created by intensifying competition among dispensaries to woo new customers, most 1/8ths pack the extra half gram to round it up to 4-grams.

So, between enticing deals and the ability to try new strains – eighths are commonly the popular weed measurement.

Chapter 4

Should You Buy a Full Ounce?

Yes and no. Before you give us the side glance, let me explain myself. There are 28-grams of cannabis in a full ounce of weed. If you’ve found the holy grail of cannabis for you, then you’ll be in heaven for as long as it lasts. Depending on your consumption rate, this can be anywhere from half a month and on.

Should You Buy a Full Ounce?

You Now Know Your Weed Measurements, and How Many Grams in an Ounce of Weed, But Should you Make the Purchase?

If you’ve got the money, then it makes sense to take the plunge. Not only is buying a full ounce of weed cost-efficient, but it also has you set up for an extended period until the next time you need to travel to a marijuana dispensary.

On the flip side, buying a full ounce of cannabis will keep you locked into a single strain. Unless you’re totally into it – you’ll be counting the days until it’s finished so you can go raid the nearest cannabis dispensary.

Once again, the amount of money that you’re willing to spend also plays a significant factor. Do you have $120.00 – 400.000 – depending on the quality?

If not, then buying a full ounce of weed is out of the question, which means it’s better to snag an eighth or a single gram.

Chapter 5

Do Indica and Sativa Flowers Weigh the Same?

The evolution of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa resulted in very different flower structures. Environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, daylight hours, wind, insects, annual rainfall, and more, were the primary drivers of the evolution of Indica and Sativa flowers. Although the vast majority of cannabis flowers that we see today are hybrids, they still exhibit dominant traits from either an Indica or Sativa.

Do Indica and Sativa Flowers Weigh the Same?

Now, Cannabis indica strains originated in hot, cold, dry, mountainous, and windswept regions.

The Himalayas, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Morocco, and Western China are all locations where landrace Indicas originated from.

Due to the environment in these areas, the flowers from Indicas are dense to retain internal moisture. This is why Indica-dominant hybrids tend to form dense flowers that resemble a golf-ball.

Alternatively, Cannabis sativa strains originated in humid, hot, and tropical zones. This includes Thailand, Panama, Colombia, Southern Mexico, Vietnam, Southern India, Malawi, Mozambique, and South Africa.

All of these areas exhibit intense sunlight, heavy rainfall, high humidity, and long sunshine hours.

When you see a Sativa-dominant hybrid, it’s likely that the flowers are large but airy. The reason Sativa-dominant flowers are airy is that they are preventing mold. If Sativa flowers were dense, then they would succumb to rot.

Now that you understand the evolutionary background of Sativas and Indicas let’s answer the question that was initially posed to you. Indica and Sativa flowers differ in their size. If a scale reads 1-gram of a Sativa or Indica – then they weigh the same. Simple, right?

However, if we’re talking about volume, then Sativas take much more space than dense Indicas. If you purchase an ounce of Sativa flowers, it will look like more when compared to an ounce of Indica flowers – although they weigh the same.

Chapter 6

Should You Trust Budtenders?

When you arrive at your local dispensary, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. You won’t need to ask about weed measurements or even how many grams are in an ounce of weed since you already know. You’ll likely already know how much you’ll buy since you’ve figured your purchase into your monthly budget. Although you know what you want – should you trust your budtender? Unless the cannabis dispensary is part of the black market, you should absolutely trust your budtender – to a point.

Should You Trust Budtenders?

In most marijuana dispensaries, budtenders weigh out your weed in front of you. So, since you know weed measurements and 28-grams make up an ounce of weed – the scale in front of your eyes should confirm this.

If the budtender’s scale reads 26.99-grams – then, by all means, make them aware.

The same can be said about any weed amounts that you buy at your local cannabis dispensary. Always watch the scale that your budtender uses to ensure you’re getting the right amount of weed.

However, some of us have had the unpleasant experience of weighing out weed at home, only to find it off by half a gram.

You’ll wonder how this is possible – especially when you saw them weigh it right in front of you. This poses a new conundrum: is their scale off – or yours?

Should You Buy Your Own Weed Scale?

It doesn’t hurt anyone to buy their own weed scale. Having your own weed measurement scale allows you to verify any amount of cannabis.

Although it’s unlikely that a marijuana dispensary is trying to shortchange you by half a gram – it does happen (usually on accident).

Most weed scales are labeled as jewelry scales, which can be found online or at local hardware stores. If you’re really set on knowing your weed measurements – purchase one by all means.

Chapter 7

How to Measure Cannabis Without a Scale?

Before we begin this section, we want to be very clear: you cannot adequately weight cannabis without a proper scale – period. Although there are many homemade methods, you’ll never be as accurate as a digital scale. Now that we’ve given you our word of caution – here’s a list of alternative ways to weight your weed without a scale.

How to Measure Cannabis Without a Scale?

Eyeballing: Basically, one of the worst methods out there because Sativa-dominant and Indica-dominant flowers vary in size. Use this method at your own discretion.

It entails making a rough estimate on the weight of a cannabis flower with the use of your eyes. Does it look like a gram? How about 28-grams? Good luck.

Smartphone Apps: Somewhat better than eyeballing, but still dicey. Various apps claim that they can measure your weed by looking at them.

Although these algorithm-based apps do have credence behind them – they are still being developed to perfection.

Plastic Hanger Scale: This is for the truly desperate because digital scales are incredibly cheap. This method requires a hanger, string, a nickel, weed, and scissors.

The nickel weighs ~5-grams. The nickel is tied to one end, and your weed is tied to the other. Once the “scale” balances, you’re looking at 5-grams.

Now, if you want to cut to the chase and know how much your weed actually weighs, then it’s time to bite the bullet and spring $20.00 for a handheld digital scale.

You’ll never have to scratch your head and wonder how many grams in an ounce of weed.


So, do you know your weed measurements, and also how many grams in an ounce of weed?

We’re kidding, but we genuinely hope you know the answer by now. There’s no better way to make informed decisions than knowing common weed measurements, especially since cannabis prices are on the rise.

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