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The VIVOSUN Heavy Duty Grow Bags are one of the most loved grow bags on the market today.

Made from non-woven plant fabric, these grow bags boast excellent drainage qualities and this allows your plants’ roots to breathe which equals better oxygenated, healthier, and more fulsome plants in the long run.

Incredibly durable, these grow bags have been designed with sturdy, reinforced handles that use serging stitching to see the handles onto the bag and can support a full bag of soil.

Unlike competitors whose handles are made from the same material as the grow bag itself and have a tendency to rip and spill their contents, the VIVOSUN Grow Bag is capable of enduring the stresses and strains you need it to.

The durability of the bag and the secureness of the handles also allow you to transport your soil and plants around the garden and growing environment at will without worrying that the bag will accidentally split and cost you even more in time and effort.

A hardwearing, affordable, and portable grow bag the VIVOSUN Heavy Duty Grow Bags will make growing your cannabis plants a breeze.

Alternatively, you also have the Vivosun Square Grow Bags.

The VIVOSUN Square Grow Bags are some of the more unique grow bags that you will come across due to their innovative shape, excellent design, and sheer value for money.

These Square Grow Bags are made of 260g of thickened non-woven fabric and its novel shape allows you to undertake square foot gardening in raised pots and are incredible if you suffer from space issues in your growing environment.

With two reinforced handles on each bag, each sewn with double stitching to ensure maximum stability and durability, these grow bags allow you to start your grow indoors and easily and quickly move to an outdoor grow based upon your requirements at the time.

The non-woven fabric means that these grow bags are breathable which keeps your plant’s roots both aerated and air pruned, allowing them to become better and more efficient at absorbing and maintaining nutrients.

The VIVOSUN 5 Pack 7 Gallon Square Grow Bags also allows you to naturally drain excess water and never have to deal with overwatering again.

An excellent product perfect for any growers struggling with space.

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