Vivosun Digital Hygrometer

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The VIVOSUN Digital Hygrometer is one of the most affordable digital hygrometers available on the market today.

And yet unexpectedly this hygrometer also has a great and effective range of features that any grower would be happy to make use of.

Available with an impressive one-year guarantee that removes the worry from the purchase, growers can be confident in the hygrometers longevity.

With a remote range of 200 feet or 60 meters, this particular model is able to have up to 3 wireless sensors connected and works indoors or outdoors for your convenience.

Coming with a large, easy-to-read, backlit, LCD touch screen that can accurately convey temperature and humidity in almost any environment.

Again the hygrometer comes with a variety of mounting options that include; wall-mountable, magnet mountable (ideal for fridges) or able to comfortably be settled on any sturdy tabletop.

With a tremendously competitive sale price, a one-year guarantee against damage or faults, and the ability to accurately and quickly alter your growing environment at will, the VIVOSUN Digital Indoor Thermometer and Hygrometer is a standout product that any grower would be proud to use.

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