Vivosun Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer

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Written By Roy Stevens


The VIVOSUN Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer features sharp Stainless steel blades that deliver a spinning cut. The four-edged blade is ideal for both wet trimming and the serrated blade plus stainless steel wire X blades for dry trimming.

Realize the power of the VIVOSUN Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer and the efficiency of having 30 scissors in 1 cutter that provide a nice clean cut with minimal effort whilst minimizing the damage to your cannabis plants. A Clear plastic dome provides excellent visibility to see your buds as you trim.

Very similar in quality and features to the IPOWER trimmer, the VIVOSUN produces a trim of equal quality at an equally competitive price. All in all, whether you opt for the IPOWER or VIVOSUN bud trimmer, your man-hours should be reduced when it’s time to harvest your bud.

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