Viagrow Coco Coir Pith

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The Viagrow Coco Coir is perhaps one of the most affordable and versatile spikes coirs available today.

Able to be used as an excellent stand-alone plant growth media, or it can be used with either your favorite soil, vermiculite, or peat-based growing media.

Viagrow has been created to have the perfect water to air ratio, and with its low salt content, super porous texture, and nutrient-rich blend of ingredients is the ideal purchase for all growers.

Available in 3 pack bricks and coming pre-sterilized and triple washed, the Viagrow Coco Coir is pathogen and disease-free and has no chemical additives whatsoever.

With an ideal pH level and excellent nutritional value, this soilless medium is perfect for growers looking to experiment and improve their current soil mixtures or even branch out and try and make their own personalized blend.

Competitively priced, easy to use, and garnering some great reviews recently, the Viagrow Coco Coir brick is an affordable and effective alternative to some of the pricier coco coir on the market at the moment.

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