Urban Worms Coco Coir

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If you are looking for an effective, and easy-to-use soil alternative, then you should definitely consider Urban Worm’s Coco Coir.

One hundred percent natural and organic, every Urban Worm brick weighs just 1.4 pounds and can absorb 1 gallon of water.

Prior to distribution, every Urban Worm brick is also thoroughly inspected to ensure no parasites or disease and then repeatedly rinsed to reduce both EC and sodium levels; in fact, each block contains less than 1.5mS/cm salt content.

This pH-neutral soil amendment and has super impressive water retention abilities, additionally the Urban Worm blend creates a beautiful texture in the soil that many users rave about.

Immensely versatile and able to make a great addition to any soil, the Urban Worm blend acts as a natural, sustainable, pH stable, alternative to peat moss.

Able to expand to .35 cubic feet, this soil amendment can also act as bedding for worms, turtles, and reptiles and is even able to be used in composting toilets.

Available in several different packages but all at various prices, many growers will undoubtedly ask why they didn’t start using Urban Worm’s Coco Coir Soil Amendment and Bedding sooner.

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