Toker Poker

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So simple, yet so needed by the regular cannabis smoker. This innovative well priced designed lighter sleeve is a must for the toker that regularly uses the classic BIC lighter.

Featuring a stainless steel poker for those clogged bowls or weed pipes, this ergonomically designed lighter sleeve comes in multiple designs and editions from vibrantly coloured glow in the dark sleeves to metallic looking and candy dripped designs.

Alongside the stainless steel poker, the Toker Poker also features a stainless steel tamper that enables you to pack that weed in nice and tight alongside being designed to hold an impressive 5 – Feet of hemp wick.

Highly rated by thousands of tokers, the Toker Poker is built to last and should accompany you and your lighter through years of smoke sessions.

Shipping throughout the US, 30 day money back guarantee, and 12 – months warranty is another reason the Toker Poker should be considered when in the market for a new utility lighter sleeve.

All in all, the Toker Poker is a well priced, well built, versatile, smoking accessory for the more discerning toker out there.

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