Tinyroots Horticultural Pumice

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If you are on the market for a truly high quality and premium pumice stone then look no further than Tinyroots Horticultural Pumice Soil Additive from Bonsai Outlet.

Incredibly versatile and able to be used with everything from cacti, succulents, and bonsai plants this uniform, one-quarter inch, white, pumice stone contains no dyes, no chemicals, and no artificial colors.

Available in a large but portable two-quart bag, the Tinyroots Horticultural Pumice Stone excels at providing excellent drainage and is incredibly easy to use and maintain.

This product also allows you to retain the right amount of moisture need for your plants whilst also optimizing the aeration to keep your plants oxygenated, healthy, and strong.

Pre-sifted to a uniform size and boasting that it is entirely dust-free, this is a professional grade pumice that is hand mixed, pre-dried and bagged.

The Tinyroots Horticultural Pumice Soil Additive comes in a fantastic resealable bag that makes for easy distribution and is perfect for storage.

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