ThermoPro Indoor Hygrometer

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The ThermoPro Indoor Hygrometer is one of the most well-known and respected hygrometers available on the market today.

Designed to provide super accurate measurements and quick updates, this combination of thermometer and hygrometer can measure temperature with pinpoint accuracy between -50 Degrees Celsius and 70 Degrees Celsius and can output the reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit depending on individual preference.

With a clever and innovative room climate indicator, the ThermoPro Indoor Hygrometer is able to show the current climate in funny, emoji-like symbols for ease of use.

If the room is too dry or too damp the smiley face will appear as a sad face and you will know instantly that you need to take action to rectify the climate balance in your room.

With the ability to store both maximum and minimum temperatures since the last reset, the ThermoPro Indoor Hygrometer allows users to monitor and track temperature patterns across long periods to ensure a stable, growing temperature.

This hygrometer is able to be mounted in three distinct ways depending on room dynamics and once set up is as unobtrusive as it is easy to use.

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