Sunset Sherbet Strain

Strain Description

This Indica-dominant hybrid will spark your creativity. Sweet like a scoop of sherbet while watching the sunset, this strain is a tasty descendant of Girl Scout Cookies strain.

Sunset Sherbet Strain features potent effects and takes up to one hour for the user’s high to peak so it may not be an ideal choice if you’re looking for something immediate in terms of relief or relaxation – but with 85% Indica 15% Sativa ratio its strong medicinal properties are worth exploring! Smelling faintly pungent yet sweet when smoked.

Sunset Sherbet strain features sweet, sherbet-like effects and an earthy aroma–perfect for watching the sunset in peace while getting some creative thoughts flowing! Sunset Sherbet also has potent effects with typical THC levels towards 21%.


Average Height

5 – 6ft

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