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If you are looking for a versatile, affordable and efficient LED Grow Light, then the Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light could be exactly what you need.

Many new growers can sometimes struggle for space when just starting out and the Spider Farmer SF-2000 perfectly solves this problem with its sleek 2x4ft coverage that produces surprisingly large yields.

As soon as we received the Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light, we couldn’t wait to test it out and see if it lived up to all the great reviews that are online, and we are glad to say it did.

The first thing we noticed about the light was its outstanding craftsmanship from the high yielding Samsung LM301B diodes to the multi-light dimming daisy chain, this LED light is comprised of top of the range technology, fantastically fitted together to create one of the best LED lights on the market.

Coming with everything you need to set up the entire unit quickly and efficiently, the SF-2000 LED light contains; a high safety performance Mean Well driver, fair waterproofing and an updated aluminium board and high-quality protective covers for cables.

The Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light also benefits from having a multi-light connection with unified dimming that is particularly helpful for large indoor growing and commercial planting.

So easy was it to put the Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light together that we didn’t even need to read the manual or watch any helpful videos, everything was simple, quick and easy to set up.

This grow light is ideal for all growth stages and as such you can feel confident that once put together you have an LED light that’s efficiency is only equalled by its longevity.

After the Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light was completely set up we turned the unit on, and we were immediately impressed by the full-spectrum white, blue, red and IR light that was projected from each diode.

The 660nm red and IR light is particularly useful during the blooming stage, where it increases flowering time and improves yields.
Additionally, the bright and powerful light that is emitted looks natural, so you are able to accurately monitor plant health, during this critical time.

The Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light is extremely powerful and it’s important therefore to situate it an appropriate distance away from the cannabis plant canopy, and after careful consideration we thought that 18” was perfect for promoting rapid growth and yet not too close to detrimentally affect the plant.

Impressive, effective and capable of producing larger quantities of yields than you would otherwise expect, the SF-2000 LED light is excellent value for money.

The powerful Samsung chips mean that the Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light is capable of producing a significant amount of light without also increasing heat and damaging the plants, which is an impressive feat considering the light is fanless.

The Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED light is capable of producing large amounts of powerful light and is perfect for illuminating large amounts of space.

The SF-2000 LED Grow Light not only drenches the canopy in optimal light but also delves deeper and helps boost the growth of the lower leaves as well.

When the cannabis plant reaches the critical flowering stage it will have reached its maximum height and although not the largest light setup on the market, we found the SF-2000 LED Grow Lights 2x4ft coverage more than sufficient.

The Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light is excellent value for money, whilst cheaper grow lights are available few, indeed would come with the SF-2000’s top of the range technology or provide such an abundance of powerful light that can help grow your precious plants.

Perfectly silent and with a sleek, stylish design the Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light won’t be too loud for your home grows and as such wont draw undue and unwanted attention, meaning you can be content that your grow remains private and unobtrusive.

The Spider Farmer only consumes a fantastic 200 watts of electricity, which given its potential yield capacity is incredibly impressive.

In short, by switching to the Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light you will not only save on your current electricity bills but more importantly grow better, bigger, and more vivacious crops.

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