Sour Diesel Strain

Strain Description

Sour Diesel strain, which is also known as ‘Sour D’, is a premium quality Sativa strain that produces quick and lasting highs. Its unusual name comes from its pungent aroma which is often described as a combination of fuel smells mixed with floral notes. Sour Diesel is a descendant of Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk, and it first emerged in California.

Sour D is renowned for how it lifts users to euphoric heights. Being Sativa dominant, its highs are cerebral, and it injects energy and enthusiasm into those who partake in it.

For these reasons, Sour Diesel strain is a good choice of cannabis for those who enjoy an early morning spliff. The mood-boosting, stimulant effects of Sour Diesel make it a popular choice with those who need medical treatment for conditions such as depression and chronic fatigue.

Beware of Sour Diesel’s adverse effects which include dry mouth and eyes as well as dizziness and paranoia.

Sour Diesel strain needs intense heat and light to reach its potential. Also, it is not particularly resistant to molds and mildews so it may be best left to experienced growers with lots of patience.


Average Height

3 – 5ft

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