SOTO Pocket Torch Lighter

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Becoming ever more popular among cannabis smokers is the torch lighter. In previous years, this torch-style lighter would most likely be found at the side of most regular cigar smoker’s but just as the way in which people consume cannabis in recent years has changed, so too has their lighting needs.

This is where the torch lighter comes into play, and we’ve picked a top-rated example in the SOTO Pocket Torch Lighter.

The SOTO Pocket Torch Lighter is a powerful lighter that allows you to light anything. It works great at sea level and if the button is pressed partially, it will work every time without fail. The extendable feature also makes this pocket torch lighter ideal for joints, and bongs.

This compact refillable lighter offers a telescoping burner head to reach further, reaching temperatures up to 1300℃ (approx., 2300°F). It is also wind-resistant and has a superfine centralized flame.

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