Smell Proof Bags

for Cannabis

The smell proof bag is the perfect cannabis companion for on-the-go tokers and cannabis consumers. A quality smell proof bag should be odor free, discreet, and stylish in design upon inspection, alongside being made from quality materials and highly customable.

More and more in today’s society, smell proof bags are a popular choice for many cannabis consumers who value discretion and quality, but only a few offer the cannabis consumer the attributes they seek. Many promise the world yet can’t deliver on even the most basic claims.

Smell Proof Bags
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Buying a Smell Proof Bag

When it comes to the smell proof bag there’s a few things to consider before making that final purchase.

Buying a Smell Proof Bag

Smell Proof Bag Build Quality & Materials

A quality smell proof bag will have one or all of the following features –

  • Strong Durable Zippers
  • Multi Layers (e.g. Fabric, Inner Material, Activated Carbon Layer, Mesh, etc)
  • Mylar Inner Bag
  • Multiple Compartments
  • A Sizable Or Reasonable Amount Of Space For Your Herb & Accessories
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Strong Durable Straps And/or Handles
  • A True Seal With No Holes Or Noticeable Gaps In Zippers When Closed (Inside or Outside)
  • Combination Lock

Smell Proof Bag Design

This is more personable to the individual but you should consider the design when it comes to purchasing the right smell proof bag. Such things as, is it portable? What sizes and materials does it come in? Will it be comfortable for long periods of travel? Inner compartment space, and even the style of the design.

Do you want something flash and trendy? Or with an obvious cannabis brand on display? If you’re going for discreet it may not be the best of choices to go for the last two!

Additionally, just like there’s a multitude of options when it comes to normal bags, so it is with smell proof bags.

There’s everything from smell proof backpacks, to the more secure stash box that could even fall into this category, and so many more variations!

Price Of Your Smell Proof Bag

Just be aware that not everything that has a high price tag is worth it, or the best in category.

Sometimes the most affordable option is all that you need. A well made, does what it says on the tin bag, that’s most importantly smell proof.

Don’t be drawn into certain brands because of the label or that they offer a host of accessories. It’s not always the right way to go.

Decide what use the bag is going to serve. Check the features, and if the price lines up, go for it!

Are Smell Proof Bags Really Smell Proof?

Well, that’s the big question! Ultimately, some are great and some not so good.

Not every bag that advertizers itself as smell proof will be. This can be for a number of reasons, anything from outright false claims to a one off faulty product or batch of products.

Then you’ve got user error and also odor contamination that occurs to the exterior of the bag that may alert someone. Smell proof designs do exist and work but ultimately not all of them.

Benefits of Smell Proof Bags

Smell proof bags have several benefits for anyone who wants to store cannabis discreetly. Some of these benefits include:

1. Discreet Storage: Smell proof bags are perfect for anyone who wants to store their cannabis securely without drawing any attention to themselves. They are perfect for those who live in areas where cannabis is not fully legal, or for those who don’t want to broadcast their cannabis use to others.

2. Protection from Light and Moisture: Smell proof bags also protect cannabis from direct light and moisture, which can negatively affect its quality. By using these bags, one can ensure that their cannabis stays as fresh as possible.

3. Portability: Many smell proof bags are designed for on-the-go use, making them ideal for those who travel. They can also be used for storing cannabis in a car or for carrying it with you on the go.

Tips on Using Smell Proof Bags Effectively

To get the most benefits out of these bags, it’s essential to use them properly. Here are some tips on how to use smell proof bags effectively:

1. Store Your Cannabis in Glass Jars First: Before putting your cannabis in smell proof bags, store it in glass jars first. This will prevent any moisture from being trapped inside the bag, which can cause mold and spoilage.

2. Don’t Overfill the Bags: Overfilling the bags can cause the smell to leak out. Leave some room in the bag to ensure that it’s properly sealed.

3. Take Care of the Bags: Proper care and maintenance of the bags are essential to their longevity. Clean the bags regularly and avoid exposing them to extreme heat or cold temperatures.


Smell proof bags are an essential item for anyone who values secure and discreet storage of cannabis. They come in different types and sizes, and they offer numerous benefits.

By using these bags properly and taking care of them well, cannabis users can ensure their cannabis stays fresh and odor-free for as long as possible. As we move forward with the legalization of cannabis, it’s more important than ever to have safe and discreet storage options like smell proof bags available to us.

All in all, there’s a multitude of options out there, from the smell proof backpack to the smell proof sling, pouch, and even the cheaper Mylar smell proof bags. So do your research thoroughly and ultimately pick the right smell proof bag for your individual situation.

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