PVP Industries Perlite

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For growers looking for a clean, sterile, pH-neutral growing media, then PVP Industries Perlite is a super durable, nontoxic, competitively priced option that they definitely should consider.

Such is the durability of PVP’s Perlite that it doesn’t decay or shrink and even pests such as insects or fungi have trouble destroying it.

Scientifically engineered to work in unison with compost, natural soils, or composted bark, the perlite helps anchor the roots of plants and help promote growth.

Although perlite does have a capacity to retain water, it is much better utilized to assist drainage.

Perfect for seed germination and growing cuttings, perlite allows optimal drainage conditions for plant life whilst working to create the perfect growing environment.

PVP Industries Organic Perlite is excellently priced and has garnered significant praise recently amongst the growing community.

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