Purple Haze Strain

Strain Description

Jimi Hendrix paid tribute to Purple Haze in his eponymous, electric-guitar classic from the 1960s. It’s no wonder this strain of marijuana received homage from one of rock ‘n’ roll’s guitar legends. A few puffs of Purple Haze strain may take one to a psychedelic state of mind where creativity and imagination run wild.

For a good reason, Hendrix sang, “Purple Haze, all in my brain.” Purple Haze strain delivers a cerebral high, which induces a sense of euphoria evident in the way its consumers giggle and chat with one another. It’s a sociable strain that lifts mood and reduces anxiety in many of its users.

Purple Haze can produce some adverse effects, such as mild paranoia. However, most users report that Purple Haze’s positive effects outweigh any of its adverse ones.

Purple Haze strain thrives in sunny, warm climates similar to those of the Mediterranean regions. However, it does not fare too poorly in cooler climates either. Indoor growers ought to invest in hydroponic systems for Purple Haze as well as nutrient-rich soils.

With these conditions and intense lighting, indoor growers of Purple Haze can expect a yield of 19 ounces per square meter from the harvest, which often takes place at nine weeks.


Average Height

3 – 5ft M

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