PROTMEX Hygrometer

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For a more on the job, premium growing hygrometer, the PROTMEX Hygrometer represents excellent value for money.

A new and innovative type of digital humidity and temperature meter, this product has the combined functionality of thermometer, hygrometer, wet bulb monitor and dew point monitor as well.

Perfect for getting data on the most important and growth-critical areas of monitoring, this device allows you to accurately and quickly gather the essential information that you need to keep your plant in the best possible health.

With an impressive humidity range of 0 to 100% and an equally astounding temperature range of between -20 Degrees Celsius and 60 Degrees Celsius, the PROTMEX MS6508 Temperature humidity meter Thermometer Hygrometer is capable of providing you with every piece of pertinent information you require to grow a successful crop.

This hygrometer is incredibly multifunctional and has an excellent data retention and data storage ability alongside a clever unit conversion function, a nice backlight, and automatic shutdown modes.

Its high accuracy sensor display up to date and meticulous information on its large LCD display that ingeniously glows brighter in the darkness and saves battery by powering off after 15 seconds of none use.

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