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Seed propagation is one of the essential stages that determine the quality and yield of cannabis plants. Propagation domes and seed propagation kits are two vital tools used by growers to provide optimal conditions for seed germination.

In technical terms, propagation is when you reproduce an organism through natural and unnatural means.

The propagation phase is one of the most exciting phases an indoor grower will encounter, probably second to actually harvesting your hard work and getting to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Plant propagation occurs in one of two ways; either cloning your cuttings or sprouting from germinating seedlings.

Both of these ways have their own unique advantages and disadvantages but from a grower’s perspective both require the same basic equipment so both are as easy to achieve as the other.

Propagation Kits
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What are Propagation Domes?

Propagation domes, or propagation kits, also known as seedling trays, are plastic or acrylic containers with adjustable vents that regulate temperature and humidity. When seeds are first planted, they need a warm and humid environment to thrive. After germination, they require less moisture and more oxygen to grow healthily.

What are Propagation Domes?

Propagation domes are designed to create the ideal environment for seeds to germinate and thrive. They provide a controlled microclimate that enables seeds to sprout and develop into healthy seedlings. The transparent cover enables sunlight to penetrate while retaining moisture, preventing the seeds from drying out.

Propagation domes come in different sizes, with varying numbers of cell trays. Professional growers use larger propagation domes with more spacious cells to allow plants to grow for longer periods before transplanting.

Why are Propagation Domes Necessary for Cannabis Cultivation?

Cannabis seeds are delicate, and their success rate depends on several factors, including temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions. Propagation domes provide the optimal environment for cannabis seed germination, increasing the chances of a solid start.

Propagation domes have numerous advantages in cannabis cultivation, such as:

1. Regulating temperature and humidity: Seed germination requires a warm, moist environment to thrive. Propagation domes create the perfect climate, imitating the conditions of a greenhouse.

2. Preventing seeds from drying out: Cannabis seeds require moisture to germinate. Propagation domes keep the seedbed moist, preventing the seeds from drying out.

3. Encouraging healthy seedling growth: Proper light penetration allows for robust seedling growth and encourages deep root formation.

4. Protecting against external elements: Seedlings are susceptible to infestations or infections by pests and pathogens. Propagation domes act as a physical barrier, preventing external elements from harming the delicate seedlings.

Propagator Size & Potential Yield

One of your most important considerations is going to be the desired size of your propagator and if the product meets the necessary criteria.

All of the above propagators that we have covered in our review come in different sizes and some can come in still more sizes (whether that’s through buying a different size variant from the retailer or increasing the size of the propagator you have with extensions).

It’s no use buying the largest propagator on the market if you don’t have the size for it but conversely, it also won’t be economical if you wish to make large yields by purchasing a too small kit.

Always measure the area where you are going to be using the propagator and ensure that not only does your kit have access to the requisite amount of light but that it is also situated with enough space that you can easily and quickly monitor and adapt the environment should you need to.

If this is your first time using a propagator kit then it might be more appropriate to purchase a smaller propagator and learn the basics and then if you are happy with the results you can purchase yet another and double your yield instantly.

However, if you are more experienced in using propagator kits but are looking for something new the below consideration factors may weigh more heavily as you will undoubtedly already know what size suits your needs best.

Ventilation Control

It is critical that your plants get the correct amount of oxygen but it is also super important that they are kept at the right temperature and humidity, this is why ventilation control should definitely be a consideration factor when choosing which kit to purchase.

Many of the propagation kits we have covered have inbuilt, easy to use, ventilation shafts that can be opened and closed as necessary depending on the environment, plant type, and growth progression.

Although purchasing a propagator kit without ventilation holes will undoubtedly be cheaper without having that level of control over your growing environment you may struggle to achieve the best results or even worse be unable to rectify your growing environment should the humidity or temperature begin to become untenable for your plants.

For the sake of spending a few more dollars at the outset, you could very well save yourself from having to get rid of wasted crops and going through all of the time, effort, and expense of starting again.

Seal Quality

Another vital component of the propagator to consider is its ability to create a good seal, as this has a massive effect on the propagator’s heat, humidity, and overall efficacy.

Some of the more affordable options may not be as diligently crafted as the more premium kits and as such there may be warping, distortion, or a break in the seal.

Now while it is possible for even the most expensive and well-reviewed products to have one specific poorly made product in the batch, a good rule of thumb when deciding which kit to buy, is to look at reviews and ensure the same problems aren’t constantly referred to, as this would indicate the problem is widespread.

Again, as a general rule you are unlikely to find consistent, widespread seal malfunctions on the more premium and well-reviewed propagator kits but of course if you do you can always return it back to the retailer and request a replacement or full refund.

Extras and Additional Kit

Lastly, always keep an eye out for a bargain, many retailers are now throwing in extras or additional pieces of kit as standard, for instance, one of the propagator kits we have covered above includes a guide on propagator kits and how to use them which would definitely come in handy for any beginners considering this particular kit.

Extras that are going to help you get the most of the product and optimize your growing environment are tremendously valuable and not only do they make using your propagator kit more enjoyable but they could potentially make it more economical and therefore end up saving you money.

Once you have thought about all these considerations, completed your research, and fixed your budget in mind you should be almost ready to make your decision on what propagator kit is right for you.


Propagation domes and seed propagation kits are essential tools for cannabis cultivation. They provide a controlled environment that imitates ideal growing conditions, increasing the chances of healthy seedling growth. Seed propagation kits provide comprehensive gear and components, streamlining the entire cultivation process, and maximizing the chances of success. By using propagation domes and seed propagation kits, growers can achieve higher yields and better quality cannabis products.

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