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Virtual Sun Grow Tent 120x60x78

Review Last Updated: March 26, 2020
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens
Product Features
  • 600D Oxford Cloth
  • Removable Roof Cross Members
  • Powder Coated Metal


The Virtual Sun Grow Tent is an excellent budget grow tent with the latest reflective Mylar technology, providing a spacious growing environment at an amazing price.

This tent is ideal for growing hydroponically easily and safely as seedlings benefit dramatically.


  • Heavy Duty Zippers
  • Tool-Free Assembly
  • Established Brand


  • Not the Best for Different Sizes

Virtual Sun Grow Tent 120x60x78 Product Review

The Virtual Sun Grow Tent has been manufactured to support multiple growing options and the functionalities make it relatively easy to assemble

The front door flaps have built-in velcro. Plus, if you need to gain side access, the zippers run all the way down the back so you can technically open all 3 sides at once.

The zippers are of great quality and are also all relatively smooth. They’re not absolutely perfect, but there’s only a spot of light leakage due to the mylar inside being folded during shipping.

If you also experience the same light leak, don’t panic because it should eventually straighten out.

The stitching is not as strong as other, more expensive tents but the tent is still very well built!

The built-in moisture tray ensures that any runoff water can be cleaned up and doesn’t come out of the tent onto the floor or the metal framing.

There are both 4” and 6” vents and the unused ones come with attached ties to completely close them off when they’re not in use.

The back and two sides have horizontal vent ports at the bottom to allow just the right amount of airflow. This provides adjustability because you can choose how many are open and how much they’re open by.

We really liked the bottom vents and how you can velcro them open because they’re great for bringing in the air via pressure.

The metal poles aren’t held together by a plastic piece as the images suggest. Instead, the joints are welded together and the poles are connected to each other by sliding one into another.

The THC team was impressed by the spring-loaded peg that clicks through a hole to secure the connection!

The cross members feel strong, therefore we don’t feel nervous about hanging expensive equipment from it, just make sure you keep within the ranges that the manufacturer recommends.

The fabric of the tent is heavy, thick and is completely covered in mylar on the inside with a lot of options built-in for ventilation.

The four poles that go across the top are strong enough to hold lights and fans without the fear of buckling or collapsing.

Don’t feel concerned if the frame of the tent is a little wobbly because the second you put the cover on, it fits very snug and holds everything together!

This grow tent comes with easy-to-follow instructions to provide easier installation and daily professional-standard maintenance.

Overall, this Virtual Sun Grow Tent provides amazing value for what you get. The reflective interior is particularly impressive, you’ll certainly notice your plants grow faster and stronger!


Hydroponic growing requires high-quality and robust growing tools that are packed with advanced features and built from great materials.

The Virtual Sun Grow Tent offers fantastic value for money considering the excellent build quality and regular maintenance guide.

If you’re a hydroponic grower that prefers rapid growth for their favorite crops, you’ll love the Virtual Sun Grow Tent!

This tent offers complete command and control to the grower over the internal climate and environmental control of the tent.

The Virtual Sun Grow Tent is affordable and will easily hold your expensive lights! The THC team is confident that this tent will do the job and they trust the structure with your LED grow lights!

This tent is undoubtedly worth every penny!

What’s your favorite grow tent?

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